Plone 4

關於未來 Plone 的描述,不再只是想像的故事,部份的功能已有實作,包括 improved commenting infrastructuredeco and dexterity come in、KSS becomes optional、improved performance 等。

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More info:
* Eric Steele's talk about Plone 4 UI - rtsp://streaming.psu.edu/public/dcn113_pug-20090116a.mov
* Rob Gietema's talk from the Plone European Symposium - http://plone.tv/media/1010208981/view
* talks on the 3Ds (Deco, Dexterity and Deliverance) from
members of the Plone Seattle User Group on World Plone Day - http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1420116