PyLadies Taiwan Bootstrapping

So many awesome things happen in the PyCon Taiwan 2013. One of my favorites is the discussion to build a PyLadies chapter. On Apr 29, I talk to imacat about Selena Deckelmann's OSDC speech, and ask if anyone is interested to make PyLadies Taiwan real. Finally we decide in the PyCon lightning talk session, announcing a PyLadies BoF, to call for participation. Things go well and there are 10+ ladies sign up for further discussion.

Photos by toomore

There's already a dedicated group for female engineers in Taiwan -- WoFOSS. Surely the PyLadies core team needs to figure out their vision and goals. With confidence, I see the picture becoming clear.

The following is the quote from the initial email:

對於 PyLadies,我至少有兩個初衷,一是女生朋友在資訊領域,本來就該有一半的發言權或影響力,二是 Python 能有效促成前面命題的落實。 軟體資訊包含了數理、心理、藝術等不同領域面向,理應適合女生朋友投入發展,但不平衡的現況,代表有些社會因素,壓抑了這個發展。 Python 鼓勵 diversity,拿掉不必要的門檻,是個值得長期投入的培力工具和環境。
我是男生,只會協助起個頭,不會限制 PyLadies 在台灣的發展方式,但,總期待有人願意來主導 PyLadies 的成長。

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